Leanvation UltraSensitive

Recommended for surgical procedures demanding the utmost level of tactile sensitivity, offering the ultimate in fit, feel and comfort. Ideally suited to cardiac, opthalmics and vascular surgery.

  • 30% softer than comparable latex surgical gloves.
  • 20% thinner than Leanvation Surgical, with no reduction in tensile strength.
  • Offering heightened levels of tactile sensitivity.
  • Finger-tip and palm texturing provide grip only where you need it, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Surgical gloves latex free
  • Engineered super smooth back ensures easy double-donning.
  • Subtly curved fingers designed for optimized biomechanics, resulting in reduced fatigue during wear.
  • Available in sizes 5½ to 9.

Technical Specifications

Product Thickness

  • Cuff: 0.15mm
  • Palm: 0.18mm
  • Finger: 0.20mm

Tensile properties

  • Force at break: typically 14 N
    (after ageing)

Residual accelerators

  • Dithiocarbamates: < 0.02%
  • MBT-free (Mercaptobenzothiazole)
  • Thiuram-free
  • Thiazole-free
  • Thiourea-free

Product Dimensions

Width mm70plusminus_sign676plusminus_sign683plusminus_sign689plusminus_sign695plusminus_sign6102plusminus_sign6108plusminus_sign6114plusminus_sign6


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Ordering Details

Order CodeSizeConfiguration
PM10155-505.550 pair box
PM10160-50650 pair box
PM10165-506.550 pair box
PM10170-50750 pair box
PM10075-507.550 pair box
PM10180-50850 pair box
PM10185-508.550 pair box
PM10190-50950 pair box
PM10155-2005.5200 pair case (4×50)
PM10160-2006200 pair case (4×50)
PM10165-2006.5200 pair case (4×50)
PM10170-2007200 pair case (4×50)
PM10175-2007.5200 pair case (4×50)
PM10180-2008200 pair case (4×50)
PM10185-2008.5200 pair case (4×50)
PM10190-2009200 pair case (4×50)


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International Product Standards

EN455-1, EN455-2, EN455-3, EN455-4, EN374-2, EN374-3, EN552, EN556, ASTM D3577, ASTM F1671, ISO10993

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