A product that often represents the last line of defence to the threat of blood borne viruses should never be considered a commodity.

At Leanvation, we recognise the unique relationship that clinicians have with their surgical gloves. With this in mind, we aim to ensure that choosing Leanvation means choosing high quality surgical gloves.

Every single glove, 100% inspected.

It only takes one occurrence to become infected with a life-threating blood-borne pathogen during surgery. Many surgical glove manufacturers inspect a sample of their gloves to confirm quality levels and hope the samples reflect the quality of an entire batch of production.

Put quite simply, we think the lives of our wearers, and patients, are more important than that.

Rather than inspecting a representative sample of our gloves, we electronically inspect all of our gloves for freedom from holes. Every single one.

AQL 0.65 – Freedom from holes

AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) is a statistical measure, conceived during World War II to verify the quality of ammunition. It requires a sample of every batch of product manufactured to be tested to destruction in an effort to confirm the quality of the entire batch of product manufactured on a statistical basis. The lower the number, the fewer the number of defects.

In Europe, the EN455 standard requires every surgical glove to display an AQL of 1.5.

At Leanvation, we think an AQL of 1.5 is unacceptable. That is why we undertake testing above and beyond the requirements of the European standard to deliver a range of product with an AQL of 0.65.


Leanvation Quality Policy

Leanvation operate with a commitment to exhibit the highest levels of quality at all levels across all business functions. We aim to serve our professional healthcare customers requirements on time, every time, providing products of the highest quality that deliver value and aid the delivery of the highest levels of patient safety.

To support this commitment, Leanvation undertake to adopt working practices, aided by an effective, documented Quality Management System across the operational areas of Finance, Product Development, Product Supply, Customer Care and HR, that attempts to ensure our customers, strategic partners and employees are respected at all times and provided with a quality service offering that supports our philosophy of exhibiting the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Leanvation Procurement & Supply Chain Policy

Leanvation Worldwide Ltd is committed to monitoring and seeking continual improvement of the company’s supply chain to ensure our Labour Standards Assurance Policy requirements are met, along with ensuring that the goods and services we purchase, are of a high quality standard.

The company’s procurement policy and purchasing procedure shall ensure both our legal obligations are met, along with compliance with customer requirements and other interested parties e.g. NHS MHRA etc.

The philosophy of this Procurement & Supply Chain Management Policy is to embrace the ethos held within the global Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and to encourage our suppliers and contractors to embrace the code.

New suppliers shall be assessed in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and must reach our minimum ethical labour standards.