leanvation sensitive latex glove

Leanvation Sensitive

Worn in combination with either Leanvation Surgical or Leanvation UltraSensitive, the Leanvation Spot surgical glove offers excellent puncture indication technology in combination with ultimate levels of fit, feel and comfort.

  • Ultra-thin construction provides optimised levels of fit, feel and comfort when worn in combination with Leanvation Surgical or Leanvation UltraSensitive.
  • Smooth surface ensures ultra-fast puncture indication while making double donning easy.
  • Green colour ensures optimal indication contrast against blood.
  • Subtly curved fingers designed for optimized biomechanics, resulting in reduced fatigue during wear.
  • Available in sizes 5½ to 9.

Technical Specifications

Product Thickness

  • Cuff: 0.15mm
  • Palm: 0.16mm
  • Finger: 0.18mm

Tensile properties

  • Force at break: typically 13 N
    (after ageing)

Residual accelerators

  • Dithiocarbamates: < 0.02%
  • MBT-free (Mercaptobenzothiazole)
  • Thiuram-free
  • Thiazole-free
  • Thiourea-free

Product Dimensions

Width mm70plusminus_sign676plusminus_sign683plusminus_sign689plusminus_sign695plusminus_sign6102plusminus_sign6108plusminus_sign6114plusminus_sign6


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Ordering Details

Order CodeSizeConfiguration
10455-505.550 pair box
10460-50650 pair box
10465-506.550 pair box
10470-50750 pair box
10475-507.550 pair box
10480-50850 pair box
10485-508.550 pair box
10490-50950 pair box
10455-2005.5200 pair case (4×50)
10460-2006200 pair case (4×50)
10465-2006.5200 pair case (4×50)
10470-2007200 pair case (4×50)
10475-2007.5200 pair case (4×50)
10480-2008200 pair case (4×50)
10485-2008.5200 pair case (4×50)
10490-2009200 pair case (4×50)


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International Product Standards

EN455-1, EN455-2, EN455-3, EN455-4, EN374-2, EN374-3, EN552, EN556, ASTM D3577, ASTM F1671, ISO10993

Sensitive Package
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