Welcome to Leanvation

Brought to you by a team with over 40 years of experience, Leanvation offer a new approach to surgical gloving. Using the latest material technology, Leanvation have developed a range of surgical gloves that look to provide the ultimate in fit, feel and comfort without compromising protection at vastly reduced costs to comparative products from competitor brands.

The Leanvation Mission

port_opt_1Our mission at Leanvation is to simplify the surgical gloves market.


Designed to be worn in combination from the outset, we believe the majority of surgical specialities can be serviced by three surgical glove products, in either latex or non-latex varieties. All Leanvation gloves employ our unique material technology that allows us to offer gloves showcasing heightened levels of tactile sensitivity without compromising strength. The interchangeability of the Leanvation range that results means that sensitivity, grip and durability can be easily tailored for any surgical procedure. The need to carry a huge assortment of glove products becomes no longer necessary.